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Contemporary fictional landscape animation

Not from here

We are the Outlanders, a contemporary creative design studio consisting of professionals from all over the world.


Originally conceived and launched in Dubai, our base has since moved to Copenhagen from where our core team is busy plotting world domination.

We are committed to innovative,
ethical and forward-thinking brands or individuals with something interesting
to say.


Inspired by their stories and visions for the future, we craft captivating, timeless and bold visual identities.

We dismiss conventional rigid agency work cultures and embrace everyone we work with like old friends.


You are not our client, and we are not your agency - we are allies, together on a quest to make some serious noise. Expect a very different project journey when you ride with us. 




  • Brand strategy

  • Brand architecture

  • Brand story

  • Verbal identity

  • Visual identity


  • Motion graphics

  • Animated posters

  • Creative coding

  • Social media  

  • Campaign concepts

Animated Giff Patterns
Animated Giff Patterns
Animated Giff Patterns


  • Website design 

  • Website content

  • Editorial design

  • Packaging design

  • Blogs and articles 

Design Adventures

Business Adventures


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